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Microfinance & Financial Access

  • Market Research to determine product penetration, competition, substitutes, strategic placement, expansion potential, product mapping, market outreach and business landscape.
  • Business Model Development to assist firms in meeting double / triple bottom line objectives though achievement of financial returns underpinned by social and environmental standards.
  • Supply Chain Analysis to align strategic interests and values of large corporations with medium size firms and small business suppliers, while ensuring compliance with ethical, environmental and social standards as well as industry quality standards such as ISO certification and HAACP.
  • Feasibility Studies to determine new product and service suitability, market demand, and expansion potential, price point elasticity, access to market entry and envisioned obstacles.
  • Regulatory and Policy Review to assess quality of the investment climate and business enabling environment based on desk research using World Bank Doing Business Report, Transparency International and World Economic Forum data and/or an industry or sector specific site visit.
  • Business Strategy and SWOT Analysis to identify new opportunities as well as validate and challenge management hunches and assumptions through quality independent research.
  • Program and Project Evaluation focusing on independent impact evaluation and social performance review based on identification of appropriate, measurable, consistent, standard and cost efficient indicators gathered through existing monitoring and evaluation systems, independently verified data (self –reported or audited) and public sources, for measuring performance against project/program objectives and compared to similar scale investments.
  • Impact Investment Evaluation to determine benefits to the end-user and stakeholder, including bang for the buck, from an impact investment (i.e. low cost housing, healthcare, consumer good, access to finance, education, energy and infrastructure) targeting the base of the pyramid.
  • Partnership Services to identify strategic alliances for new untapped market entry, innovation, expansion or exit, product bundling, franchise, distribution channel, and remote rural outreach.
  • Research Studies sector and country analysis to identify success drivers for microfinance and small business lending, micro-insurance, savings and card products and financial service review.